About Ruby 9 Yoga

SALLY RIDDELL has been teaching yoga since 2000. 

Sally is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. 

Her yoga journey began at the age of 14.

Sally's daily practice and teaching in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya began in early 2001 when she was introduced to the teaching of his son T.K.V. Desikachar.

Sally continues to further her yoga education in Australia and Internationally. She is a member of :

  • IAYT(International Association of Yoga Therapists)
  • Yoga Australia (Level 3 teacher)
  • AAYT (Australian Association of Yoga Therapists)

In 2011 she completed a research project entitled “The Dance of Life: The Effect of Vedic Chant on Performance Anxiety with Dancers”

Sally offers classes for the fit and healthy, for those recovering from injury or with special needs, for sports people, for artists of all persuasions. Yoga for all stages of life. 

Both group and individual classes are offered.

Sally Riddell