Our Approach

We offer classes to groups and individuals, to promote health and well being. Following the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya all the "tools’ of yoga are incorporated.

In this tradition yoga is a completely holistic experience combining body, breath and mind, encouraging a deeper understanding of how and why we feel on a physical and mental level.

Moving dynamically from one posture to the next in combination with the breath builds capacity to eventually come to stillness, physically and mentally, with ease and comfort.

Each student is encouraged on a personal journey towards physical and mental health and spiritual growth.

All the “tools” of yoga are incorporated. These include:

  • asana (body movements)
  • pranayama (breath awareness/exercises)
  • chanting
  • bhavana (visualisation)
  • mudra (gestures),
  • meditation and a combination of these
  • self reflection

These techniques are utilized in a practical and experiential manner.

General class sizes are small (no more than 10 students ) so that the needs of each student can be catered for.

Sally Riddell