Yoga Retreats

Retreats, are adventures for body, mind and spirit. They offer an opportunity to delve deep; to explore, to create, to think.

Reatreats take us out of our normal setting, putting us in places that are exciting and new, physically, mentally and emotionally.

They offer us time to restore, time to expand our understanding of ourselves, time to indulge in our personal crerativity, and encourage us to take the time to follow our journey of yoga.

Ruby 9 Yoga offers retreats in Spain, in India, around the Asian rim, and in Australia. Our retreats include yoga and walking (Footsteps Across Spain), yoga and touring (An Indian Odysesy), yoga and writing, yoga and wellness.

  • An Indian Odyssey - 29/9/19 - 14/10/19 - details to come
  • Exploring the Flinders Ranges - a walking and yoga adventure - late October 2019 - details to come.

Sally Riddell